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The quest for effective medicine is as old as human history. It has always been the desire of man to live a disease free life. From ancient times, societies and generations have always been researching and experimenting one medical discovery or another. Indeed, the history of the medical profession is an interesting one. From the exorcist who believes that diseases were caused by spirits to the crude butcheries rooms operating as healing practice centers, all to find a cure for human ailments.

The discovery that microbes as the major cause of diseases changed the perspective of medicine. The discovery of antibiotic by Alexander Fleming completely revolutionized medicine in the 20 century. Antibiotics together with immunization changed the face of medical treatments, and diseases that were incurable before became curable. Countless lives have been saved, and humanity breath a sight of relieve.

However, the medical revolution did not stall there and had continued to uncover more ground. One of such other revolution is Biomedicine.


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Just like the discovery of antibiotic by Alexander Fleming completely revolutionized medicine in the 20 century, biomedicine is doing more than a revolution, though quietly. Biomedicine has been an important dynamic model and played the most important part in people’s understandings of health and illness today. It has had a huge significant impact, and stands with many of today’s fantastic accomplishments in medical care: like the reduction of high mortality rates such as those found in infants in the earlier part of the twentieth century, and the complete eradication of some of the major killers, such as smallpox, polio etc.

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Biomeds or biomedicine is simply the use of the principles of the natural sciences, especially biology, and biochemistry. It’s a branch of medical science concerned especially with the capacity of human beings to survive and thrive in abnormally stressful environments and with the defensive modification of such conditions. It explains health regarding biology. It focused on the importance of learning about body structure (anatomy) and systems (physiology), in particular to understanding body mechanisms like the brain, nerves, heart, and arteries.

Health is seen as a state where all the parts of the body function normally. If parts go wrong – if the body is struck down by bacteria, some internal changes causes damage it, or parts are weakened—it goes in for repair by experts. This view gives a particularly distinctive way of ‘viewing’ and understanding body and health, a set of guidelines relating to them and dealing with them. To look after them as systems which need care and good maintenance by the owners? So in a nutshell, a biomedical account is one which gives some physical or biological details for health and offers a physical and biological method for ‘healing’ bodies when they are not working correctly.

Certain tests are done to know what is wrong. Then antibiotics or other medicines act as a cure, or surgery can use to repair/replace the affected body part. This biomedical model is an integral part of modern western (orthodox) medical cultures and the way health and health care are perceived these days. It is, in many cases, an efficient and very effective model of health care.