The benefits are indeed many and one hope that with time, it will be accepted and more popularly adopted.

Advancing Your Health – Reading an Inspirational WhatsApp Status


With WhatsApp status, regular updates are always desired by everyone. Most times the status has to be clever, fun, and creative. WhatsApp Messenger itself needs no introduction, it is a cross-platform application used for instant messaging on smartphones and other selected feature phones that make use of the internet as the medium of exchange rather than using SMS. Coupled with messaging, it’s also possible for one user to send video, images, and audio messages to another user. There are presently over 800 million active users using WhatsApp messenger. The app itself has been acquired by Facebook in a deal worth about 19 billion dollars.

WhatsApp status appears on the profile of a user as a little write up which usually contains thoughts or happenings about life. Being a very popular mobile app presently, it’s safe to say that a lot of people are hooked on posting a status on WhatsApp. This is hardly surprising as it offers an exciting way of sharing your feelings and thoughts with your friends and family members.

WhatsApp is a favorite mobile app with a lot of people as it transcends its primary purpose of being a communications app and is also used for sharing whatever one might be feeling, whether happiness or sadness, or if one is out to inspire another person or just to make someone smile, putting up a WhatsApp status makes it all possible.

With WhatsApp itself being a trendy way to share our feelings with friends and update them as to what is happening with our thoughts and feelings, there is a huge enthusiasm for WhatsApp which brings with it all kinds of WhatsApp status from the ones about love to inspirational, friendship, and funny ones, all of which can also be in different languages.


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