Teacher credit, what is it?

You are in national education and you are looking for a teacher loan, a teacher loan or a teacher loan, we have analyzed for you the market offers and as an independent credit comparison N ° 1 on the internet, we have compared the best offers of the largest credit organizations to those of the […]

Finance and Money – Payday Loan Consolidation

To go all the way back to financial records in the old days, one might say that first and foremost are listings of deliveries to the temples of ancient Babylon. These are over 4,000 years old and set out in wedge lettering on stone tablets. An overview of what one has and what one owes […]

What are P2P loans?

P2P loans are loans that are made between individuals. Both lenders and borrowers operate as P2P individuals. This form of credit is also known as peer-to-peer or social lending. P2P credit – what exactly is this?   Characteristic of this type of money lending is the complete or extensive elimination of traditional credit institutions. So […]

Find out what kind of low interest online loan!

Of the types of credit that can be hired online, the payroll loan is the one that offers the lowest rates of interest of the market, reaching about 2.08% per month. Another model of credit that can also be requested online is the personal loan . However, their interest rates are higher and may reach […]

Retirement – Tips for the financial cushion in old age

So far, most Germans relied on the statutory old-age pension when it came to their financial retirement plans. The pension system introduced by Bismarck secured the majority of retirees at a satisfactory level in recent decades, with the result that most retirees were adequately nursed in their old age. In the 1990s, in the face […]

Loan without proof of income

The lender, according to the law, has to convince himself of the potential client’s ability to repay the loan! However, we are dealing with such a form of loan in the offer of non-bank companies. How is that even possible? Has the new wording of the Consumer Credit Act changed nothing? Is the jungle still […]