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Corporate Gift Basket Ideas: How to Choose the Best Singapore Corporate Gift


Managing a business goes further than offering a firm handshake and returning phone calls. You company also happens to be an organization that needs to meet social ethics so at a stage it would be a necessary to give a gift. You don’t really have time for going to the mall or crawling the internet for a gift, but you know that choosing a Singapore corporate gift can be serious business.

When gift giving is done right, it goes a long way in maintaining good rapport, reaffirming a business relationship, stimulating more referrals, and increasing client loyalty.

When gift giving is done wrong, however, it can enrage a customer who’s already upset, alienate clients, endanger future business, and engender a lack of respect from your colleagues.

Gifts are given in a business setting for four main reasons; to say congratulations, I’m sorry, thank you, and cheer up.

Gift baskets are usually the gift of choice due to the fact that they offer an impressive presentation and they can be customized. They are normally filled with an assortment of items that are easy to eat and can be shared by office staff. More significantly, gift baskets are the ideal business gift because it’s normal to give them to men and women without generating any messages that may be inappropriate or unintended. A majority of Singapore corporate gift baskets are packed with delicious treats, however, if you are aware of a recipient’s love for golf, for instance, you could include a membership to a golf club or a book of golf jokes.

When selecting gift baskets or corporate gifts, follow these rules;

  1. You can give gifts to colleagues or employees but do not give gifts to your boss.
  2. You gift could spot your company logo but it has to be small so that you don’t come across as unashamedly advertising.
  3. Avoid giving a gift that touches the skin such as lingerie, perfume, jewelry.
  4. Include a gift enclosure card to identify the sender.
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