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Making a Decision about the Best Record Player – Brand New or Vintage?


Prior to thinking about looking for the best record player, or even thinking about checking out various reviews for vinyl record players, it’s always a great idea to consider your options and evaluate your expectations beforehand.

You would soon realize that the marketplace for turntables is a very wide one with various types of record players and turntables available to suit every kind of purpose at virtually every price point. And except you’re happy to splash huge amounts of dollars on equipment you might end up using sparingly or which you may never use at all, it’s perhaps a great idea to gain some understanding of what you want precisely.

You want to be sure if you’d be taking advantage of the numerous advanced technology a lot of the manufacturers are fitting into today’s brand new turntables or if you’d prefer to give a new lease of life to a vintage turntable that possibly has not been put to good use for over 20 years.

The build quality and consistency of the best record player is undeniably incredible coupled with the wonderful performance they are able to churn out. However, nothing beats spinning your favorite records on a record player that has the appearance of being designed about the same time you were born. If you’re an enthusiast of vintage record players, you don’t, as a necessity, have to buy a vintage record player, you can always get a new turntable fitted with all the modern technology, but still looks old-fashioned.

Due to the astounding appearance of most of the vintage-looking record players, it’s no surprise that they are preferred by a lot of people based on the way they look to the modern and very expensive high-end record players. Another reason could be the price as not everyone can afford the really expensive, high-end ones.








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